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Regional Map and Locations


A broad map of the region, made with Google Earth Pro and Photoshop. Click the image to see the full size map.

The world of Pasithea’s City takes place in the Western desert, covering parts of Egypt and Libya, from the Faiyum in the Delta, to the Bahariya Oasis, and all the way to Cyrene and the Green Mountain.

This is an alternate universe, so the Nufusi mountains are technically a) in the wrong place, and b) situated on desert, but that’s where Jaran told me they were, so. Pretend the terrain is mountainous, not desert sands. That part of the land, and the tribal lands in general, are more rocky and cliffy than I think they are in real life. But other than that, the map is, well. Mostly accurate.

This page lists all the main locations in this area, and their importance to the story. A separate map will be done for Fingerprints, since it takes place in modern-day Australia, as well as in Cyrene.

The Faiyum

Shedet – the main cult centre in the oasis, home to the temple of Sobek Shedety.

Dja – modern Medinet Madi, Dja is the home of the temple of Sobek where the last High Priest and his staff flee from.

The Lake of Faiyum – said to be the mythic place where Sobek descends into the waters at dusk, only to be reborn like Ra at dawn. Said to be the waters of Nun.

The Desert

Bahariya Oasis – once the largest oasis in the region, it houses the temple of Djehuty, and was a significant trading hub across the desert.

Nufusi Mountains – home to the mountain tribes, and their ancestors. The tribes are highly territorial, and don’t always get along with each other. Many are native Libyan tribes, while others come from other parts of the desert.

Northern tribal lands – the lands to the north of the Nufusi mountains are home to the desert tribes. Some are semi-nomadic, others fully settled. Each has their own language and tribal structure, from matriarchies like Jaran’s tribe, to monarchies, tribal chiefs, warrior tribes, and clan groups. In truth, they are more similar than they are different. Jaran’s tribe claims to be the oldest tribe in the region, the tribe from whom all other desert tribes are descended.

Neos Apollonia – Once situated up near Cyrene, Neos Apollonia has spent the last six hundred years drifting slowly into the desert, and now sits upon the Siwa Oasis. Once a proud Hellenic polytheist city, they have a strong tradition of oracles and prophecy. It is ruled as a principality, and there have been many clashes between the Seers and the prince over the years.

The Coast

The Green Mountain – A lush, fertile mountain, once home to Meri’s people, before they were wiped out by a Roman patrol. It now stands abandoned, and no one lives there anymore.

Cyrene – The largest city on the coast, it is a trading hub with the Mediterranean, and is ruled over by Pallas Athena. It is a highly multicultural city, hosting temples from Rome, Greece, Egypt, and India, as well as churches, a synagogue, and a mosque. All are welcome as long as they pay their tithes to the temple of Athena.