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Fingerprints Cast

This is the smallest cast of the three so far, though I think it’s an improvement, considering I started writing it one nameless, genderless, character. Hermes is involved in this novel, too, but I’m not including Him in here. This may expand as I work on this one, and decide on more significant characters that merit being included here. Again, dolls made with dollmakers on dolldivine.com and azaleasdolls.com, because I am terrible at drawing people.

The Witch


The witch has led a turbulent life. Born intersex, they were assigned female at birth, and raised as a girl, with surgeries throughout their life to support this assigned sex.

The witch, however, never completely agreed with this, and feels much more fluid in their gender expression. Because of this fluidity, they have never really settled on a name for themselves that they like enough to keep permanently. Once they became an adult, and could make their own medical decisions, they began taking testosterone, to help to blur the lines of binary gender their body had been forced to bear.

During a period of intense questioning and searching, and not being sure what they were looking for, they found a coven of Hekatean witches, and there, they found a home. They were trained and initiated into this tradition, and their devotion to Hekate has kept them alive when nothing else would.

Their intersex condition has made relationships complicated, but not impossible, and they have taken both male and female partners over time, both kinky and vanilla. Their last girlfriend turned out to be not just a domme, but controlling, and it took the witch a long time to escape from her. They still bear some of the traumatic scars of her abuse, finding no peace within themselves. She was the reason the witch eventually left the coven, feeling like they were just putting them in danger the longer they stayed there.



Nyx was the one who brought the witch into the coven, and they have remained firm friends ever since. Nyx is her own person, and generally prefers to do things her own way. Unapologetically queer, she brings a lot of strength to workings and magic, and specialises in protection and banishing magic.

She works very closely with Hekate, and tends to follow her own instincts. She trained to second degree level in their tradition, but left the coven a while ago due to disagreements over who would become the new high priestess. She felt it was just getting in the way of their devotions to Hekate, so she turned her back on them and went to do her own thing.

She and Hailey were once lovers, and while their relationship never lasted, they still remain firm friends. She has a large network of pagan and witchy friends, and if she doesn’t know them, they’re probably not worth knowing.



Hailey comes from a Chinese-Australian background, and grew up on a farm. She’s tough and adventurous, and has a natural talent for working with plants and animals.

She trained to first degree within the coven, but never lasted as long as Nyx did. She qualified as a vet, and this led her to her role as a vet to magical creatures and animals, who will trust no one else with their care.

She spends a lot of her time travelling around Australia, tending to the creatures who come to her, asking after her specifically. It is, generally, thankless work, with long hours, and sentient patients, but she is good at what she does, and finds it hard to refuse the work when it comes to her. Unless they are nymphs, because nymphs, in her experience, make terrible patients.



Greek Goddess of witches, poisons, plants, the moon, and other assorted things. Usually depicted carrying torches, keys, a knife, a whip, and/or snakes.

A liminal goddess, She rules the time of the dark moon, where She wanders the earth with the restless dead. This is the traditional time of the Deipnon, where a supper would be left at the crossroads for Her and the dead to keep them away.

She has many aspects and epithets, including Soteira, Apotropaios, Kleidouchos, Kourotrophos, Phosophoros, and many others. She is a popular goddess among witches today, and She brings Her own flavour to those who practice witchcraft in Her name.