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A world of gods and mortals

Pasithea’s City is a novel trilogy, set in an alternate Earth with strange technology, in places where the old gods are still worshipped. These stories are about gods, and people, about surviving an apocalypse, spacetime travel, and how to worship your gods when you’re far from home.

Pasithea’s City, the first novel, tells the story of Andreas, a petty thief, who finds himself taken in by Hermes on the eve of the destruction of the city he has spent his life living outside of. No longer willing to tolerate their impiety, Apollon suddenly and violently withdraws his patronage from Neos Apollonia, and sends the city back to the sands of the Libyan Desert. Andreas, his two mothers, and two Seers from the city, are the only ones to survive, and Hermes has his own plans as to where they ought to go, now that the city is buried under the sand.

The Black Priest begins in Egypt, where the last high priest of the temple of Sobek in Dja is preparing to abandon the temple, along with the few temple staff still with him. Egypt lies in ruins, the Pharaoh and his family have been slaughtered, and foreign gods and armies have brought the Two Lands to their knees. With nothing more than the sacred icons from the temple, some camels, and what little they had left to take with them, the High Priest leads them into the west, into the desert, where nothing is certain, and the path is unclear, except that it leads them away from the invaders. Deep down, from far, far away, the ancestors begin calling them home, to a place they have never been before.

Fingerprints, the third novel in the series, tells of a witch, belonging to Hekate, who is thrown into a Titanic battle they were not prepared for. Back in Cyrene, where Andreas now lives, there is trouble brewing. Olympos is in chaos when it becomes clear that the Titans, imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus, have managed to escape, and have fought their way to Earth, where a witch, belonging to Hekate, and their friends, find themselves caught up in a battle they are not prepared for. All the gods can do is bring them back to Cyrene, where it is safer, and the gods are stronger, and abandon the planet to the underworld, where the Titans are tearing the world apart.


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